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Maron Doll

Maron Doll – The Emotional Reunion Of A Mother And Daughter

  • Winner 2018 Hollywood Encore Producers’ Award
  • Winner 2018 Better Lemons Fringe Audience Choice Award
  • Winner Better Lemons Audience Enthusiastically Reviewed Sweet Award
  • One night, after 30 years apart, a daughter returns to her lonely mother. With a bitter history between them, the two struggle to mend their broken bond ridden in a tragic circumstance. “Maron Doll” explores a difficult relationship and how we can rebuild bridges we thought were long-since burned.

    “Maron Doll” is channeled through the deep emotional performances of; Lara Helena, a co-creator, co-writer, actress & producer of 4 Shorts in 4 Days in 2015, (The Long Run, Dispensable Girls, Time Traveler & Sting of the Scorpion), and a web-series, “The Global Hollywood Show”; and Shelly West, a writer, and actress featured in a short film called the “Tuesday Morning.”

    The play was written by director and writer, Soo Chyun, who received critical acclaim for “Son of Man” The musical. This musical was performed at the Downey Civic Theatre with an audience of nearly a thousand and also broadcasted live on YouTube worldwide to the audiences from America, Thailand, Australia, and Korea.

    Soo Chyun’s 8th production, “Maron Doll” was originally introduced as a 25-minute Korean short story in an anthology known as “The Door,” now featuring as its own localized full-length one-act play. “Maron Doll” made its return to the NOHO Art District in February 2018 and received heartfelt reviews from those who were deeply touched by the story of a mother and daughter’s struggles through abandonment, failure, poverty, and Alzheimer’s disease.

    A Special Encore Performance
    Sun | July 15 @ 7:30pm

    The Actors Company | The Other Space Theater
    916 N Formosa Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

    Official Maron Doll Hollywood Fringe Page

    Soo Chyun’s Fundraiser for “Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles(ALZGLA)”


    100% Lemonade Audience Award from Better-Lemons

    This piece has longevity!
    “Artfully written and performed! A beautiful and touching story live on stage of a broken relationship between a mother and daughter. This piece has longevity! All aspects of the show, writing, direction, set/costume/sound design, and performances were compelling and artfully executed. The performances by the leads Lara Helena and Shelly West were captivating, I forgot I was in a theatre, except for the sound of sniffles as the final black out enveloped the stage. Beautiful piece invoking human empathy!”

    Sweet – Julia Lisa

    A masterpiece of the mother-daughter relationship.
    “A phenomenal piece of craft. A masterpiece of the mother-daughter relationship. Shelly west shines like a star, her emotional range and access astound and touches areas of my life to reflect and work on. I’m highly moved, touched and fell in love with the entire team. Great direction, beautiful arc to each character. It was an honor to witness the grandeur of MARON DOLL.”

    Sweet – Geetika Budhiraja

    Maron Doll will strike a chord
    “Soo Chyun is a gifted storyteller, here crafting a personal show that will resound in some way with everyone who sees it. Whether or not an audience member has personally known a family member or friend losing control of their mental faculties, Maron Doll will strike a chord. We all have a fear of watching someone we love slowly slip away, and what Soo Chyun so tenderly reminds us is that all we can really do is hold on to whomever might remain and in whatever form they may take.”

    Sweet – Cameron Weir

    Very heartfelt and beautiful told story
    “Very heartfelt and beautiful told story. The actresses were outstanding in this deep and emotional piece. I was in tears throughout this impactful reunion. A big Bravo to everyone who worked on this play, the actresses, the production and of course Soo and Christian!! A must see!!! Brilliant!!”

    Sweet – Katt Balsan

    ..will have you scratching your head till you realized
    “WHAT I LIKED I love the reveal (not gonna spoil it, although I do want to!) that will have you scratching your head till you realized what’s transpired in front of your eyes… I probably said too much already… WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE The actors could project more since it became hard to hear at times in the back seats. The Korean subtitles were a bit distracting at first, especially when they starting flashing (as if the dialogue on stage didn’t match the caption) but later I forgot they were even there. MY OVERALL IMPRESSION Loved the simple setting: the walls of the house that captivates you as the actresses take you on a journey inside a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s. Simply beautiful and very touching.”

    Sweet – Victor Sotomayor

    Laura Helena’s performance- grounded, real, alive.
    “Loved this piece. Had never heard of it prior to seeing the ad for the event. I was most impressed with Laura Helena’s performance- grounded, real, alive. The story flowed nicely and was just the right length. Production value was high.”

    Sweet – Brady Bunch

    ..odd fusion that I have never seen in other shows
    “Great show! Reminded me of my mom and to show my love to her =] It was a great mix of Korean mother-daughter relationship and emotions with American culture. It had an odd fusion that I have never seen in other shows.”

    Sweet – Courtney Hahm

    ..raw, emotional, convincing and powerful
    “I was thoroughly moved by this play. It reminds us all of how vulnerable we are, regardless of status and wealth. Everything can come crashing down at a moment’s notice. You leave the play in a solemn mood, but determined to live your love fully and never forget what’s really important. The performances are raw, emotional, convincing and powerful. I loved it.”

    Sweet – Morten Bay

    ..strong, emotionally compelling story
    “Maron Doll is a strong, emotionally compelling story. Lara Helena’s performance was captivating as the mother, and the tension on stage demanded presence. We highly recommend catching this stage show that will leave you aware of the gritty nuance of human relationships.”

    Sweet – Tom Beaty

    Fantastic acting.
    “Shelly West’s performance as Mina in Maron Doll was authentic, raw, and beautifully executed. She has a grounded presence and a natural chemistry with the other lead, Lara Helena, who plays her mother. Fantastic acting. Overall, the story succeeded at taking us on an emotional rollercoaster, exploring the depths of family bond and unconditional love through these two characters.”

    Sweet – Tiwana Floyd

    Phenomenal work by the entire cast and crew
    “An astounding piece by veteran writer/director Soo Chyun and an astounding testament to the great chasms of understanding and emotional depth that lie within us all, no matter the individual’s cultural background or language barrier present. Phenomenal work by the entire cast and crew being done to bring this story to life!”

    Sweet – Jill Jill

    ..powerful, beautiful and delicate at the same time
    “It was powerful, beautiful and delicate at the same time. I love the storyline, and the cast was terrific!”

    Sweet – John Suk

    This one will definitely make you shed a tear.
    “A very emotional and touching one-act play. Takes the audience in a journey that encompasses sadness and hopefulness. This one will definitely make you shed a tear. Touches on a subject that is relatable to everyone’s life no matter how different or similar your personal story may be. The writing and acting are brilliant. I absolutely recommend it”

    Sweet – Johanna Sol

    ..this story really touched me in a deep, personal level
    “So beautifully written by Soo Chyun and performed by the Ezekiel Theater members. I was crying a bucket-full! This whole story reminded me of my grandmother and my mother so this story really touched me in a deep, personal level.”

    Sweet – Lauren Han

    It’s a MUST see!
    “Super intense performance of the two leading actresses playing mother and daughter! Great connection between them and Lara Helena playing the mother stands out for her amazing honesty, she is breathtaking and so generous..she gives it all! The play is really good in letting you inside the characters’ life and in their mess that it becomes natural and organic to feel for them and be deeply involved. It’s a MUST see! Have fun!”

    Sweet – Alessia Franchin

    ..deliciously heavy
    “The Ezekiel Theater Company does not disappoint with this deliciously heavy ‘one act’ about an estranged mother and daughter reuniting.”

    Sweet – Damien Jade Warren

    The last moment of the play will remain in your heart
    “The last moment of the play will remain in your heart long after the curtain call. Beautifully written by Soo Chyun and brilliantly acted by the marvelous cast. Highly recommended.”

    Sweet – Miho Ando

    ..connection was captivating, honest and deeply heartfelt
    “I had the chance to see this show more than once and must say it hit a number of meaningful cords… The portrayal of this powerful life story by the 2 leads, Lara Helena and Shelly West left me vibrating. The truth in their performance and connection was captivating, honest and deeply heartfelt. Taking a story that could be that of many family relationships over a span of their lives, bringing it into a 50min play and reeling in the audience to feel the entire journey in all its depth is no easy task. I enjoyed both viewings as unique experiences and can’t recommend it enough!”

    Sweet – Claus Glaesner

    Superb experience in every way
    “Superb experience in every way. I believe that Maron Doll was absolutely outstanding and the storyline was amazing so I give this show SUPER SWEET. And since the theater was very small, at one point, couldn’t help but saw tears coming down from the main character’s cheeks… making it that much more emotional for me.The cast was phenomenal and the experience had my emotions shot the whole night. I would definitely see it again and recommend to others!”

    Sweet – Soo Hwang

    ..it kept me on my feet!!
    “The intensity was brought up and released throughout the performance.. it kept me on my feet!! I didn’t lose focus, I couldn’t. I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage as my heart went up and down with the actors… reminded me of my own grandfather with alzheimers… I felt the whole act in myself, as if I was moving with the actors… well written, well performed. Would love you take my friends!!!”

    Sweet – Alice Shin

    Truthful and touching storytelling
    “Truthful and touching storytelling that keeps you captivated all the way through. A talented cast brings this story to a different level!”

    Sweet – Peter D.

    It’s been a long time ever since I’ve found..
    “It’s been a long time ever since I’ve found a stage cast that made me ponder on the meaning of life through their performances. I would love to see performances of this caliber again on Ezekiel’s stage. Best wishes to the Ezekiel Theater Company!”

    Sweet – Hankyu Cho

    This play offers a great emotional journey
    “Insightfully written and beautifully performed by strong actors. This play offers a great emotional journey through every heartbreaking discovery.”

    Sweet – Collin Lim

    .. truthful and heartbreaking
    “Very poignant story written/directed by Soo Chun. Acting from the cast members was truthful and heartbreaking. I was moved by their brilliant act. I was in tears throughout the show. I highly recommend that you check this play out before it ends.”

    Sweet – S Yang

    I remembered my mom while watching this
    “very touching… I remembered my mom while watching this and makes me want to hug her and say I love her so much… PS. I love the voice of the girl who is singing.. so natural. You will not regret watching this.”

    Sweet – George Nacpil

    A poignant, heartfelt family drama.
    “A poignant, heartfelt family drama. The switching of the dynamic between the two characters packs a punch. The nature of the material requires a sustained and heightened emotional pitch from one of the actors that was pretty remarkable. And the switch to the younger actor/character was very moving. Well done.”

    Sweet – Jim Vejvoda

    amazing performances touched my heart
    “It’s a bittersweet story with a mom and a daughter. Their amazing performances touched my heart and felt catharsis when I cried out loud. It’s definitely must-see show!! You will see how Soo designed to encounter the eastern and western cultures together.”

    Sweet – Jenny Lee

    ..couldn’t keep my eyes off
    “This show is terrific and amazing!!! I couldn’t keep my eyes off during the show even I watched this show several times. This is still powerful and the cast members are fantastic!!”

    Sweet – Miyeon Lee

    so touching and surprising
    “The stage was remarkable by creating a mood for a woman living alone after leaving her family for so long, and the actors’ synergy with the significant emotional performance was stunning. The Caucasian actors singing the old Korean lullaby was pretty refreshing. This show was so touching and surprising.”

    Sweet – Ekidna

    I heard the sniffling from the audience..
    “This precious 50 minutes really touched my heart. It was a good time to think about the love of God who gives infinite love over and over. I liked the funny first part that followed by the serious development of the story. I heard the sniffling from the audience and love the fact that I was in the small theater sharing this beautiful work so intimately.”

    Sweet – Lisa

    It’s a must see!
    “It is rare to find such a storytelling that relates to emotions that are true to our hearts! Well written and well played. It’s a must see!”

    Sweet – James Kang

    ..both subtle and powerful
    “Beautifully written play and overall impressive production. The unfolding of the characters and their relationship is both subtle and powerful, and artfully woven into a truly moving story. I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing several of director Soo Chyun’s previous works and she is a tremendously talented and skilled artist, in everything from directing to acting to set design and especially storytelling.”

    Sweet – Erin H

    ..intense, raw
    “This intense, raw look at a mother/daughter relationship left me feeling, thinking and spinning in all the great ways theatre can!!”

    Sweet – Jessica Taylor

    ..touching story
    “It was a touching story. It was good to have a realistic treatment of Alzheimer’s that was so close to our lives.”

    Sweet – Clara Kim

    The story took me to places I had not thought about
    “Wow, wow! The story took me to places I had not thought about, it was an emotional journey that was captivating from beginning to end, well written and incredibly performed. I was moved by the entire cast but the lead by Lara Helena was outstanding.”

    Sweet – Mateja Harrington

    ..portrayed in an extremely real way
    “Such a wonderfully thought out production! It was so nice to see a mother-daughter relationship portrayed in an extremely real way, in all it’s ugliness and complexity. The acting was top notch by every, especially the lead Lara Helena. She has the ability to draw the audience in with even the smallest look because of her investment to story and character. The character was so well fleshed out and explored that it was hard to make a decision on whether we loved or hated her. In all, she won us over and stole our hearts and empathy with an honest portrayal of a damaged woman searching for love.”

    Sweet – Kate Spare

    Such a well-made play
    “The script was very very good & well directed…!! I love the theater, it was so emotional play…! I would love to see it just one more time…too bad I went there for the last show… They made changes of times very effectively… Such a well-made play~~~”

    Sweet – Randy Kim

    ..worthy of national and international exposure
    “Maron Doll is a play that focuses upon the devastating effect that Alzheimer’s disease had upon the existing strained relationship between a mother and daughter. Throughout the play, the audience is drawn in to experience the emotional effects of this strained relationship. As the play progresses to the climatic end, the play clearly illustrates the emotional healing power of love, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion. The actresses in this play are superb. They leave no doubt that they are engaged and experiencing all the various emotions associated with the separation and reconciliation of a mother stricken with Alzheimer’s disease and her daughter. This play and its message is worthy of national and international exposure.”

    Sweet – John Sweet

    Better-Lemon Full Review

    About Us

    Ezekiel Theater Company is a non-profit Christian performing arts organization established in 2013 by active theater professionals and actors with the purpose of “expanding the audience of Christian-themed plays to the general public.” Now in its 5th year, Ezekiel has grown into one of the most highly regarded Korean-American theater companies in LA. Since 2017, Ezekiel has started to produce English performances of their previous works. Recent highlights include ‘Son of Man’ The Musical’ performed in the Downey Civic Theatre in front of 1400 English-speaking audiences. Ezekiel seeks to create stories that explore the themes of the Bible while providing an entertaining experience for all audiences.

    Ezekiel (יְחֶזְקֵאל,) Ezekiel was a prophet during the final years of the Kingdom of Judah to the first half of Babylonian exile (approx. 593 B.C. – 571 B.C.). Prophet Ezekiel performed theater symbolizing the siege of Jerusalem atop a clay tablet (4:1-3), and God instructed him not to say anything beyond what was revealed to him (3:26, 24:27). The name “Ezekiel,” means “God strengthens” or “God trains.”

    극단 이즈키엘은 전문 기독교 공연예술 단체으로서 각 분야에서 활동하고 있는 문화, 예술, 연극 전문가들과 전문 배우들이 “관객을 성도에서 일반인으로 확대시키자”라는 취지를 가지고  “생명의 예술 – 예수님을 통해 하나님의 생명이 불어 넣어진 자들이 전하는 예술”을 수많은 성도와 일반인 관객에게 선보이고 있습니다.

    이즈키엘(Ezekiel/에스겔)은 유다왕국 말기부터 바빌론 포로기 전반(약 BC 593년 – BC 571년)에 걸쳐 활동한 선지자 입니다. 이즈키엘은 토판 위에서 예루살렘의 포위를 상징하는 연극을 했으며(4:1-3), 여호와께서는 에스겔에게 자신이 계시하는 것 외에 다른 말을 하지 못하도록 지시하셨습니다(3:26, 24:27) 이즈키엘의 이름은 “하느님이 강하게 하신다.”,”하느님이 단련시킨다.”라는 뜻입니다.



    In 2013

    March – Founded the Ezekiel Theater Company

    July – November – The first performance of “The Meeting” – Maga church (20 showings) The longest performance record in LA Korean Christian stage performance, benefiting the ‘New Hope Mission’ – Prison Ministry

    October – Invitational performance “The Meeting” – Maga Church (1 showing) performed for the “Southern California Deaf Church”

    December – First English performance of “The Meeting” – Visit to Chino Hill State Prison (1 showing) performed for the Christian inmates

    December – Opening performance of  the Christmas omnibus play “A Midnight Clear” – Ezekiel Theater (5 showings) benefiting the “Good Samaritan Home”

    In 2014

    January – Opening of Ezekiel workshop for Christian performing artists

    April – Preview performance of the musical “Maroo Village” – Maga Church

    April – Invitational performance of “The Meeting” – performed in the “Sarang Community Church of Southern California” (1 showing) during the New Life Festival event

    July – Opening Performance for the musical “Maroo Village” – Ezekiel Theater (10 showings) benefiting the ‘New Hope Mission’ – Prison Ministry

    August – Invitational performance of the musical “Maroo Village” – performed in the Palm Springs Korean Church (1 showing)

    September – Invitational performance of the musical “Maroo Village” – performed in the Maga Church (1 showing)

    November – Encore of the musical “Maroo Village” – Ezekiel Theater (4 showings) benefiting the “Maga Church”

    In 2015

    March – Opening performance of the omnibus play “Door” – Ezekiel theater (4 showings) benefiting the “Fountain of Hope” to build a children’s shelter in Mexico

    April – Encore for the omnibus play “Door” – Ezekiel Theater (2 showings) benefiting the “Fountain of Hope” to build a children’s shelter in Mexico

    October – Invitational preview performance of the fusion historical drama “Salome” – Maga church (one showing)

    October – Invitational performance of “Door – Maron Doll” for ANBC American Onnuri Broadcasting – Ezekiel Theater (1 showing)

    October – November – Opening performance of the Fusion historical drama “Salome” – Ezekiel theater (4 showings) benefiting the “Fountain of Hope” to build a children’s shelter in Mexico

    December – Encore for the Fusion historical drama “Salome” – Ezekiel theater (4 showings) benefiting the “Fountain of Hope” to build a children’s shelter in Mexico


    February – Opening performance of the two-handler mystery “Returning Home” – Ezekiel Theater (2 showings) benefiting the “Fountain of Hope” to build a children’s shelter in Mexico

    September to October – Opening performance of the Musical “Son of Man” – Ezekiel Theater (10 showings) benefiting the “Hope Sight Mission” – Association for the visually impaired Christians

    November – The Musical “Son of Man” invitational performance – “Sunland ANC Onnuri Church” (1 showing)

    December – The “Miracle Concert 5” for the hearing impaired Christians – Special Guest appearance – Ezekiel Theater (1 showing)


    March –  The Musical “Son of Man” – Ezekiel Theater (2 showings) benefiting the “Hope Sight Mission”

    September –  The Musical “Son of Man” All English Version – Downey Civic Theatre (2 showings)

    September – LIVE! “Son of Man’ The Musical” – Broadcasted LIVE on YouTube  Worldwide (1 showing)


    February – “Maron Doll” & “Formula 3” (Two-in-one) – Secret Rose Theatre (8 showings)

    June –  “Maron Doll” in Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018 – Studio/Stage Theatre (3 showings) benefiting the “Alzheimer’s Los Angeles”

    Winner of 2018 Hollywood Encore Producers’ Award

    Winner of 2018 Better Lemons Fringe Audience Choice Award

    Winner of Better Lemons Audience Enthusiastically Reviewed Sweet Award

    July – “Maron Doll” in 2018 Hollywood Encore Producers’ Award Performance – The Actors Company Other Space Theatre (1 showing)


    3월 – 극단 창단

    7월-11월 – 제 1회 공연 실험성극『만남』 – 마가교회 (20회) LA 성극 최장기 공연 기록, 수익금 전액 ‘뉴호프 미션’에 기부

    10월 – 수화 동시 통역 실험성극『만남』 -마가교회(1회) 남가주 농아 교회 초대 공연

    12월 – 영어 실험성극『만남』- 치노힐 주립 교도소 방문 공연 (1회) 외국인 크리스찬 재소자들 위문 공연

    12월 –  제 2회 정기 공연 성탄극『그  맑고 환한 밤중에』 – 이즈키엘 소극장 (5회) 수익금 전액 ‘굿 사마리탄 홈’에 기부


    1월 – 기독교 예술인을 위한 이즈키엘 정기 워크샵 개강

    4월 – 창작 뮤지컬『마루마을』 프리뷰 공연 – 마가교회 (1회)

    4월 – 실험성극『만남』 초청 공연 – 동부 사랑의 교회 (1회) 새생명 축제의 순서 일부

    7월 – 제 3회 정기공연 창작 뮤지컬『마루마을』- 이즈키엘 소극장 (10회) 수익금 전액 ‘뉴호프 미션’에 기부

    8월 – 창작 뮤지컬『마루마을』초청 공연 – 팜스프링스 한인교회 (1회)  입당예배 초청 공연

    9월 – 창작 뮤지컬『마루마을』초청 공연 – 마가교회 (1회)

    11월 – 창작 뮤지컬 앵콜!『마루마을』- 이즈키엘 소극장 (4회) 수익금 전액 청소년 문화 공간 마련 사업을 위해 ‘마가교회’에 기부


    3월 – 제4회 정기공연 옴니버스 성극 『문』- 이즈키엘 소극장 (4회) 수익금 전액 재소자 가정 어린이들을 위해 ‘소망의 샘’에 기부

    4월 – 옴니버스 성극『문』앵콜 공연 – 이즈키엘 소극장 (2회) 수익금 전액 재소자 가정 어린이들을 위해 ‘소망의 샘’에 기부

    10월 – 퓨전사극『살로메』 초청 프리뷰 공연 – 마가교회 (1회)

    10월 – 옴니버스『문』애(哀) – 마론인형 ANBC 미주 온누리 방송 초청 공연  – 이즈키엘 소극장 (1회) ANBC개국 기념 행사

    10월-11월 – 제5회 정기공연 퓨전사극『살로메』- 이즈키엘 소극장 (4회) 수익금 전액 재소자 가정 어린이들을 위해 ‘소망의 샘’에 기부

    12월 – 퓨전사극『살로메』앵콜 공연- 이즈키엘 소극장 (4회) 수익금 전액 재소자 가정 어린이들을 위해 ‘소망의 샘’에 기부


    2월 – 제6회 정기공연 미스테리 이인극 『귀향』- 이즈키엘 소극장 (2회) 수익금 전액 재소자 가정 어린이들을 위해 ‘소망의 샘’에 기부 

    9월-10월 – 제7회 정기공연 뮤지컬 『청년예수』- 이즈키엘 소극장 (10회) 수익금 전액 시각 장애우들을 위해 ‘비전시각장애인센터’에 기부 

    11월 – 뮤지컬 『청년예수』 초청 공연- 선랜드 ANC 온누리 교회 (1회)

    12월 – 청각장애인 돕기 ‘기적 콘서트 5’ 스페셜 개스트 출연 – 이즈키엘 소극장 (1회)


    3월 –  뮤지컬 『청년예수』  – 이즈키엘 대극장 (2회) 수익금 전액 재소자 가정 어린이들을 위해 ‘소망의 샘’에 기부 

    9월 –  영어 버전 뮤지컬 『청년예수』 – 다우니 시립 대극장 (2회)

    9월 –  라이브 뮤지컬 『청년예수』 – 전 세계로 유투브 라이브 방송 (1회)


    2월 – 『마론인형』과 『포뮬라 3』 (옴니버스) – 시크릿 로즈 극장 (8 회)

    6월 –  『마론인형』 헐리우드 프린지 페스티벌 2018에 출품 – 스튜디오/스테이지 극장 (3 회)  치매 환자들을 돕는 ‘알츠하이머 엘에이’에 기부

    수상 2018 헐리우드 앙코르 프로두서 상

    수상 2018 베터레몬 프린지 관객인기상

    수상 베터레몬 열광적인 관객 스위트 상

    7월 – 『마론인형』 2018 헐리우드 앙코르 프로듀서 상 기념 공연 – 액터스 컴퍼니 어더스페이스 극장 (1 회)



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